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Shipping details

Shipping details

No. US orders ship from our US fulfillment location.

Shipping is included in all orders.

Whether you live in the US or Canada, all orders should arrive between 3 to 5 days depending on your exact location. US orders are delivered by USPS, while those in Canada are delivered by Canada Post. We really aim to give you the highest quality and most transparent delivery service, and we will constantly work to improve it so you can get your orders in the minimum amount of time possible.

Of course all are orders include tracking so you can find out at any time exactly where they are and when you can expect them, as well as the ability to activate notifications on either your email or smartphone, so you will automatically be updated at each important step as the package makes it’s way from our distribution warehouse to your front door.

We strongly believe in our products and want everyone to be happy with their interaction with us. Therefore, if you purchased one of our drinks and were not satisfied, we’ll gladly refund you.To claim a refund simply do the following:

    1. Email us - support@teonan.com and state your order number and desire for a refund. Also, if you don’t mind, we’d really like to know why you want a refund so we can learn and improve - it’s not required, but appreciated.
    2. Once you’ve received confirmation from us, please return all the unused product to the following address:

      ATTN: Teonan Returns
      141 47th St,
      Brooklyn, NY

    1. Please send us your tracking number to ensure we receive the package safely.
    2. Once we receive your package we’ll immediately issue a refund. Please allow 3 - 5 days for it to show up in your bank statement.


    The TEONAN Team

At the moment there is only a single place, physical or online, where you can purchase our products - right here on our website. As we grow in the future we may decide, if it serves our customers best, to expand and allow other online retailers or physical retailers to sell our products. But for now, the only way we can ensure you have the best possible experience and service is by doing it ourselves.If you’d like to know if and when we ever sell our products in other locations, please sign up to our email newsletter in the opt-in form found in the footer and you’ll be the first to know when this happens. 

Discount codes can be applied once you reach the ‘Checkout’ page, simply type the code in the box that reads ‘Gift card or Discount code’ and click apply. Your discount should immediately be applied. If for any reason you are having issues with this please contact us at support@teonan.com and we’ll be happy to help you figure it out.

You can only use a single discount code on any one order. Of course you are free to save other codes and use them for future orders.

Discount codes cannot be used on subscriptions, unless they’re specially marked for that purpose

If you realize you’ve done this, please mail us as soon as possible at support@teonan.com and we’ll retroactively discount your order with pleasure.