Shipping Policy

Shipping Prices  

All Self-Club subscription orders, as well as all regular orders over $49USD (about $65CAD) always ship free. If your order does not fall into either of these two categories you can expect to pay the following for your order based on your exact location: NOTE I DO NOT YET HAVE THE REQ INFO TO COMPLETE THIS, BUT WILL SOON.

Available Shipping Locations  

At present we are only capable of serving the USA and Canada. We are a young and ambitions company with big dreams, but at the same time we know we need to focus our efforts on a limited amount of things at this time. This is so we can ensure we do it in the best way possible before we get swept up in ambitions to go global.

If you do live outside of the US/Canada and would like to be able to purchase our products please drop us a line at and let us know about yourself - where you live, and what makes you excited about Hot Drinks that Heal. Also sign up for our newsletter (in the form situated in the centre of the footer), where we will definitely announce expansions to other countries so you can be the first to know if we’re heading your way.

Expected Shipping Time  

Whether you live in the US or Canada, all orders should arrive between 3 to 5 days depending on your exact location. US orders are delivered by USPS, while those in Canada are delivered by Post Canada. We really aim to give you the highest quality and most transparent delivery service, and we will constantly work to improve it so you can get your orders in the minimum amount of time possible.

Of course all are orders include tracking so you can find out at any time exactly where they are and when you can expect them, as well as the ability to activate notifications on either your email or smartphone, so you will automatically be updated at each important step as the package makes it’s way from our distribution warehouse to your front door.

Do I ever need to pay custom fees for my orders?

Whether you live in Canada or US, none of our customers will ever need to pay customs fees. Though are products are manufactured in Canada, we have our own distribution warehouse in Brooklyn. So we’ve already paid custom fees for our US customers, and while all packages received in Canada ship from Canada, all those received in the US are shipped from the US.

How can I track my order?  

First log-in to your profile on our site by…
I WILL need to know more about the plug-in / interface before I can properly answer this - TBC.