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Sampler Pack Special!

Our $12 Sampler Pack intro is the ultimate way to get to know all of our products!
It includes two servings each of our 5 flavours:

Coffee Black and Bitter - with Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps

Turmeric Latte - with Reishi and Ashwagandha KSM-66

Matcha Latte - with Cordyceps and Turkey Tail

Hot Cacao - with Chaga and Reishi

Cafe Latte - with Lion’s Mane and Turkey Tail





Sampler Pack Special

Cafe Latte

Sampler Pack

Matcha Latte

Hot Cacao

Coffee Black n' Bitter

Each package contains 10 servings.



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Please note that the $12 Sampler Pack special is limited to one order per person. There is however no limit on the amount of boxes you purchase in that single order


Like it - a Lot!
I have now tried all the packs in the sampler. I like them all and will be purchasing more. Love love love the free shipping. Congratulations on a great product.


I had low expectations of this product due to the taste of previous products with similar ingredients. I honestly can't believe how good these all taste! I have sweetened a couple with a bit of honey, but that was also to help with a cold I am fighting. I look forward to ordering more, I just can't decide what to order!


I've had a couple sampler pack now, I was planning to find a favourite flavour and order some of that but in the end, I love the variety I get in the sampler pack - each flavour is really great and they're all different. I like that a few of them have a little bit of a caffeine in them, so I'll drink those when I want a little pick-me-up. But sometimes I don't want that experience so in those times it's nice to have the mellower options on hand as well. I recently started making them with 50/50 hot water and steamed oat milk and the tasty-factor has gone through the roof - I'll be making all the flavours this way from now on :D


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