TĒONAN connects people with nature's therapeutic treasure trove through delicious drinks.

Delicious drinks that help you to be the best version of yourself.

There should be no compromise between how good a drink is for you, and how enjoyable it is to consume. Our beverages not only support your wellbeing, but are the most damn delicious and innovative instant drinks available today.

TĒONANACATL, the sacred mushroom of the Mexica people.

We are inspired by the relationships many ancient cultures had with plants and mushrooms they held sacred. Plants and mushrooms that are not only supreme sources of nutrition and medicine, but are “natural allies” that help you to be the best version of yourself.

Beautify the world.

Beauty is not a luxury and it’s not optional - it’s a window into the transcendent that helps us connect with the Divine. Through innovation and collaboration TĒONAN is committed to serving creative expression to infuse the world with beauty in all of its diverse forms.

A simple & profound idea in action.

The ultimate expression of a company is one that is profitable not despite the fact that it positively affects everything it is connected to, but rather because of it. When the heart inspires and the mind leads, people can come together to create magic, we can build intelligent systems that can at once be a commercial success and a force of positive upliftment in the world.

An invitation to co-create.

These are our four simple desires:

  • To inspire all of us to take more moments and enjoy something delicious that serves our wellness,

  • To look to the past for the inspiration to help imagine a better future,

  • To be a creative agent that expresses beauty in all of its manifestations, and

  • To play a role in the positive evolution of contemporary commerce.

These desires shape the ideas of who we are, the beliefs of why we are, and momentary glimpses of what we may become. But there is no ultimate expression thereof without you.

Because ultimately, TĒONAN is not just some beverages, it's not a company, and it's not just a static collection of ideas and beliefs. TĒONAN is your invitation to help us co-create and manifest these desires right now...