That’s why we created TEONAN. To make daily, natural immune support fun and delicious!

Our range of organic drinks are formulated with the 6 Protectors, our own custom blend of carefully selected functional mushrooms that serve as essential nutrients for your immune system.


The “Queen of Mushrooms”, reishi is a miracle elixir that has been revered since ancient times, traditionally reserved for use by Chinese royalty.


Beloved by the ancient samurai, maitake supports the immune system and contains SX-fraction, a unique and powerful adaptogenic compound.


An antioxidant-packed Siberian folk panacea that’s one of nature’s ultimate sources of immune support.

Turkey Tail

Probably the best studied mushroom in the world, turkey tail contains two unique compounds known for their supreme immune support - PSK and PSP.

Lion’s Mane

Not only provides powerful immune support, but it’s also your brain’s best bud. Lion’s mane contains nerve growth factor (NGF) that helps to protect and regenerate nerve cells.


A choice culinary mushroom that’s packed with a diverse array of important nutrients while supporting the immune- and cardiovascular systems.

Each drink contains the exact daily dose to keep your immune system (& you) healthy & happy!

One dose is 300mg 10:1 concentrated extract = equivalent of 3000mg dry fruiting body.

We only use 100% pure fruiting bodies free of starches and other fillers.